DC Zoo Walks uses a WordPress plugin to run the store. This software manages the shopping carts, gets postage from the US Postal Service and links to PayPal to process payments. Even though PayPal is managing the payment process, you do not need a PayPal account to use the service. Instead, you supply your credit card information and shipping information, then PayPal sends this to your credit card company for verification and sends this verification code to DC Zoo Walks to complete the process. The steps to use this service are as follows:

1) Select your product. In this case, I select the 2020 Boyz Calendar by clicking the “Custom Order Now” button

2) The Button will change after you click it. At this point you can keep shopping to add more items to your cart or you can check out with your purchase.

3) You will now see your shopping cart. If you want to increase the number of this item, you can click the + button next to the quantity. You can also put your zip code into the box and click the “Estimate Shipping” button. If you are ready to check out, click this button.



4) This will present you with the next checkout screen where you will provide us with the name and address that are on your credit card account. Once you enter this information, select the “Continue To Shipping” button.


5) You now will be provided with shipping options. Select the shipping method you wish to use and click the “Continue to Payment” button

6) At this point, you will be shown the entry point screen to go to the PayPal site. Please be assured that DC Zoo Walks uses PayPal so that we do not have access to any of your credit card information.


7) The first PayPal screen you see offers you two options – log into your PayPal account if you have one, or use your credit card. If you use the credit card option, PayPal will not retain this information, but will pass it directly to your credit card company.


8) Use this screen to supply your card information. Please be sure that this is the same information you credit card has on file or PayPal will stop the payment and give you a useless error message. Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of this screen to go to the next step.



9) You are almost there! When you clicked the “Continue” button, PayPal sent you information to your credit card company and received an approval code. The PayPal software will now send this code back to DC Zoo Walks. Here is where DC Zoo Walks asks you to finalize your order. If you do not click the “Submit Order” button, your order is put into limbo and no charges are applied to your credit card. You have gone to all this work, so be sure to click the “Submit Order” button to complete the process.

10) Now that you have completed the order, you will receive an email confirmation at the address you supplied back at the beginning. Thank you for your order!!